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I bought a road registered 2006 YAMAHA YZ250F through eBay In August
2010 to try and get fit again with some trail riding, some MX practice and
maybe an Enduro or two.  The little Yam looked great and ran like a
dream.  This bike was so quick for a 250 4 stroke single, nothing like the
wheezy old KLX250's or XR250's I've ridden before.  I just had to remember
that at 10,000 revs I still had 3,500 to go before I needed to change up.  
After the Tiger it felt like a super light BMX bike on stilts.  It had been 6 years
since I last rode round an MX track and boy had I slowed down.  In my 3rd
session I got back some speed but I had to re-learn how to rail round a
deep rut.  Good fun and I lost 5lbs in weight for every hour of track time!
Triumph Tiger 1050i (New in 2007)  All the details
are contained in my Tiger 1050 pages
This is me taking
a tabletop in
2011 on the
Yamaha  at Wild
Tracks near
er.... and this is
my leg after I
snagged my foot  
in a rut.  When
riding off road you
can really hurt
yourself without
even falling off
I was really enjoying my  2006 YAMAHA YZ250F but it tended to bog down after
a jump (a known fault).  I decided to upgrade to a
2008 Yamaha YZ250F.  Mine
came in Samsung colors and it ran better than the earlier bike with much
improved pickup from low revs.

I decided to replace all the plastics with a new set from UFO and add a new set
of stickers (decals).  One good thing about off road bikes is you can give them a
complete makeover for under £150.  See before, during and after photos to the
left and below.
In Feb 2012 I decided to rejoin the TRF (Trail Riders Fellowship) in order to go
back to trail riding to improve my skills on the Tiger.  So I sold my YZ250F and
replaced it with a
CCM404ds.  See my page devoted to the CCM
In 2011 I upgraded my scooter in Turkey to a Keeway 160cc.  These are made
in China to a high standard with a watercooled engine.  They come with a DVD
which shows a very sophisticated factory where the scooters are made.  I
wanted a scooter with the larger 16" wheels because they cope better with the
potholes and badly surfaced roads.

The Keeway is very quiet and runs smoothly.  I have taken it off road to the point
where I can't go up any stepper because of wheel spin.  These scooters are
sold in the UK under different names for 3 times what I paid and I see them all
over London
Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer 2012.  See my pages devoted to the Triumph Explorer
Victory Vegas 2009.  See my pages devoted to the Victory Vegas
MV Agusta Brutale 990R.  See my pages devoted to the Brutale
Aprilia Pegaso 650 1995.  I purchased this bike in Feb 2017 because I
wanted to start a new project and I fancied owning a cheap bike to ride
through the winter when salt is on the road.  See my pages devoted to the
Pegaso 650
KTM 1190R.  I purchased this bike in Jan 2018.  After 15 yrears of buying
and riding new Triumph Tigers I no longer own one.  When  launched
these 1190's were quite expensive in the UK and I decided to buy a Tiger
1200 Explorer and save myself £3,000.  Now the 1290 is out the 1190's
are falling in price.   I think the 1190R is the bike to buy, it is 10kgs lighter
than the 1290 and 1kg heavier than the 1090 with an extra 25bhp.  (I know
the 1090 is published at a lower weight but add the missing side stand,
ABS, crashbars etc and weighed it 1kg less).
I sold my 3 year old Tiger 800 with 15,000 miles on the clock and picked
up a 30 month old 1190R with less than 3,000 miles equipped with loads
of extras for £2,500 more.  Not too shabby.  
See my new sub-domain devoted KTM 1190R.
Husqvarna TR650 Strada.  I purchased this bike in April 2018.  3 years
old and 7,000 miles in mint condition.  At the time I had a cross county
commute and I wanted to replace my Pegaso 650 which required too
much fettling.  I am very impressed with the Strada, it is so light, so slim,
so smooth and she purrs along.  Very easy to filter through traffic and
quick enough to overtake when required.  See my new Sub Domain
devoted to my TR650 Strada