Adrian's Other Bikes I have Owned
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Last updated  17 December 2018
I have ridden motorcycles for 46 years and so far I have owned 73 bikes.  I bought a BSA Bantam D7 175 for £15 when I was 15 years old and I have been
mad keen on bikes ever since.  When I was first married I used to buy, renovate and sell a few bikes a year to make some extra cash.  I also spent many
years riding off road bikes with TRF, then MX Practice tracks and eventually I became a fairly decent Clubman Enduro Rider.  So I have owned bikes from
across the whole spectrum of motorcycling.

I have ridden every bike I have owned so I feel able to compare them.  Some bikes were better than others.  Some lived up to the Motorcycle press hype and
some were a little  disappointing.  

I have also ridden a number of interesting bikes that did not belong to me so I have created a page for the more interesting rides.

I service my own bikes, rebuilt engines, forks etc.  I have tuned many engines over the years, especially in the old days.  Click on the links to the right to see
the details.