In May 2013 I made my second 6,000 mile
round trip to Turkey on my Tiger Explorer

In May 2012 I rode my Tiger 1050 from the
UK to Turkey and back.  2,800 miles
outbound through England, Holland,
Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia,
Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey.
Link to Flickr for photos of outbound trip

Return leg over 3,000 miles from Turkey to
Greece, Ferry to Italy, a detour to Corsica,
then Austria, Germany, Holland, Belgium
and France
Link to Flickr for photos of return trip
STOP PRESS: After buying and riding new Triumph Tigers for 15 years 955i, 1050, 1200 Explorer & 800 XCx I fancied a change so I have purchased a 3 year old KTM 1190R
with less than 3,000 miles on the clock.  I am enjoying my KTM so far but I do miss owning a Triumph.  I have also purchased a Husqvarna TR650 Strada as my winter
hack to replace my aging Pegaso I have added new sub-domains for my latest bikes.
A message from the founder
I created this site in 2004 using Yahoo Site Builder, I had no intention of naming this site after me, I was on a slow connection (256k remember those days), my screen was not refreshing
so I must have pressed the OK button too early (I apologise to the other Adrian Molloy's, what is done is done).  At the time I had been making good use of other biking sites run by
enthusiasts like me.  There was an excellent site for the Honda Africa Twin run by Raymond Fels from Holland and the BigBlueCat site for the early Triumph Tigers, the latter closed
unexpectedly so I started to develop my own site to focus on the Tiger 955i.  There are some good Triumph Tiger User Forums on the WWW and I have followed a number of excellent
threads but they tend to get hijacked and go off topic far too quickly.  Some posts are completely inaccurate and for my taste too many posts are negative.  I like my bikes, in fact I like any
bike and I prefer to be positive about them so I try to make this site positive and upbeat.  Over the last 13 years has grown much quicker than I thought possible.  Initially I
concentrated on my Tiger 955i which I replaced with a Tiger 1050. Tiger 1200 Explorer  and now a Tiger 800 XCx.  My site has had over 1,100,000 page hits and I have received over 750
emails from all over the world which I enjoy responding to.

I still use Yahoo Sitebuilder (Now sold on to Aabaco) but for the last 11 years there has been a bug in my site .  If I make a change to the "Navigation Bar" Yahoo Sitebuilder will randomly
delete text from site pages.  I have had to split my site into sub domains and I have more or less eradicated the bug which I now know is caused by the Advanced Navigation Bar Editor.  If a
text box contains gibberish it is not my fault, Yahoo Sitebuilder has just cut text from my page in a random fashion, this is infuriating.  Because of this long standing issue I  would not
recommend Sitebuilder, unfortunately I am stuck with it.   
Link to Flickr for photos of 2013 trip to
Wow! I had over 1,150,000 page views on this site up to May 2017 then Yahoo Web Hosting
annoyingly took the page hit counters away.  Thanks for visiting
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Which Adrian Molloy am I?  
Born in Yorkshire 1956.  Lived in Driffield, Aden, Nairobi, Abingdon, Costock, Camberley, Langley, Ramsey.  School in Abingdon, Costock, Nottingham & Camberley.  Worked for British  Airways, Anglian Water, Kier, Dominion Alliance Group,
various HR Software providers, McKesson, University of Essex, LBBD, CHRS.  Email - [email protected]
To access my sub domains you can click on the buttons to the left or any of the photos on this page.
KTM 1190R from Feb 2018
MV Brutale 990R from  Feb 2015
Husqvarna TR650 Strada from April 2018
Tiger 800 XCx - 2015 to Feb 18 15,000m
Tiger 1200 - Explorer to 2012 to 2015 26,000m
Tiger 1050 - 2007 to 2012 33,000m
Tiger 955i  - 2003 to 2007 28,000m
I have now completed the  
process to increase the size of all
the pages on my website to 1366
wide, this will bring this website  
in-line with the current format.